10 December 2011

Helloooooo!! Is there anyone there!

Wow so how bad have I been! 

I just do not have the time and I have bought, used, bought more and want more that I would not know where to start! 
I think off the top of my head I have recently bough
*MAC Patina Eyeshadow - LOVE!
*Real Techniques Core Collection - BRILLIANT, Esp the Buffing Brush!
*Illamasqua Masquara in Raven - FABULOUS!! 
*Louise Young Eyeliner Brush LY24 - Excellent!
*Jemma Kidd Light As Air in Light/Medium - I am undecided!
*Chanel Rouge Allure in Famous (From Christmas Collection) - LOVE!
*Chanel Nail Colour in Peridot and Rouge Carat (From Christmas Collection)- LOVE 
*Lancome Pro Base - Very new but seems to be working! 
*L'Oreal Mythic Oil - This is so light and my hair feels lush...
*Wrap Bracelet from Fleur De Force - This is so pretty! 

Now I am pretty sure there is LOADS more but can I remember!!

I am pleased with all my purhases (well nearly) as I said not decided about JK Foundation, it really does not sit on my skin very well, especially around my nose. I have just bought a new primer (Lancome Pro) so I am going to try these together and see, but I am currently just scrapping by using up my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and JK as I cannot wait to try Chanel Perfection Lumiere. My friend works on Chanel counter and said it is amazing. Roll on January 13th when it launches in the UK.

We had a Masquerade Ball recently and here is an FOTN...
I will try harder! 



  1. Welcome back! You look really fresh faces and glowy there

  2. lol, i'm always the same - even though I know I really don't need another foundation, mascara etc I cant help treating myself; i blame the advertisers! I've been wanting to try the Illamasqua mascara for ages! a bit out of my price range but might make it my pay day treat :)