07 January 2013

New Year - New Start - New Challenges!!

So Happy New Year!

 I really am going to try and get into this blogging malarky this year!

I am going to start by challenging myself to at least 2 posts a week. They could vary each week, although I would like a regular weekly post! Will have a ponder on that, could be a stash, wish list or a FOTD... Who knows!!

I am on a spending ban. Although I am not sure if I will do 50 or 100 days! Unless necessary - obviously, but has to be completely necessary as I have enough lotions, potions and make-up to last more than 100 days and 100 different looks.

  Also I have 3 weddings in June (all within 3 weeks of each other!!). So I have to lose 2 stone at least by then! Weight Watchers here I come and I am going to start walking a few miles twice a week I have seen a nice simple dress for one which I will buy and aim for!  

Then it is my birthday at the end of this month. I see a post right there. A nice little Wish List! 

So pre-ban buys have been
YSL Glossy Stain in Fuscia Dore (14)

NARS Blush in Sin (Only received this today so will test tomorrow!!)

So that is the plan, I will be back... Soon!!


17 May 2012

Slacking and EXCITED!!!

Wow! How bad am I at this... I just seriously do not have the time. Yet I have LOADS that I have bought and could review. 

My most recent buys are
* Le Blanc De Chanel - Base. I only got this today so will hopefully review soon.
* Laura Mercier Blush - Lush Nectarine. Amazing, have had so many comments when wearing.
* Chanel Lipgloss - Coral. This is nice and subtle, looks lovely with above blush.
* Estee Lauder Advanced Nigh Repair Serum. WOW, I did not know what to expect and using for a week Im very pleased, again a full review to come!
Louise Young Foundation Brush - Huge and definitely Holy Grail! 
* Zara Handbag - Its grey! 
* H&M Blazer and few casual dresses
* Ted Baker Flip Flops

Not bad for being skint - that would explain why skint! 

We are off camping this weekend - who in their right mind agrees to that in this British weather :-/ BUT the highlight of my week is the fact that next year I am going to New York - OH YES! Can I contain my excitement! NOPE!!! All suggestions on places to eat, see, visit and of course what to buy are all welcome!!

Ill be back soon!! 


25 February 2012

Am I Make Up Snob?!

As the title suggests am I a make up snob?

I recently went away to Scotland to visit the family. So I packed light (ish) My bag consisted of
Lancome Primer
MUFE Foundation 
YSL Touche Eclat
Chanel Loose Powder
Chanel Bronze Universel
MAC Paint Pot in Painterley
MAC Quad Palette (Patina, Woodwinked, Club and Cranberry) 
Louise Young Eyeshadow Palette
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Illusoire
Clinique High Impact Mascara
YSL Rouge Volupte in 2
Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Bonheur 
Mix of Brushes RT, MAC, Lauren Luke and Eco Tools

So my cousin used my make up when there and she commented on it - ooh get you Chanel etc etc and after reading another blog about ELF I have established I must be a snob, the cheapest thing I own is possibly an MUA single eyeshadow and I cannot get on with it at all so it may as well be thrown away. 

I will admit I am fussy and I research everything I buy now, which I don't see as a problem but when you price up a weeks make up bag at over £300 that is rather ridiculous! 

Will I stop buying these high-end products, in a word no! I like what I like and will not change. It has made me think a bit though, are they completely justified, in a word no! Are there dupes for some of these products that work just as well, most probably yes- will I look for these?

Ah well, we all have guilty pleasures and this is mine. My husband enjoys running gear (trainers and gadgets) do I moan.... 

So are you a make up snob?

26 January 2012

I have failed :(

This evening for no reason whatsoever I have just ordered this 
For a long time I wanted this foundation and had a spare £30 and did it! I was umming and ahhhing whether to go for this or the Naked 2, but this won. Mainly because at the minute I just want lush skin. Now as we know I LOVE my Chanel Perfection Lumiere but I want another to play with and I know that I will use them both for different things, day or night and especially if I know photos will be taken! Ha ha ha!! 

I did also use my boots point and bought the Chanel Loose Powder and I love this. I think I have it in 20 Clair. Translucent really. I dont use this everyday, mainly if I feel a bit exposed and at certain times of the month :-/.

I shall be buying NO more now and as it is my birthday on Monday and I have requested 2 make up items (as I got NO make up for Christmas!!). I have asked hubby for an eyeshadow, which the thought of him popping into MAC and asking for  CLUB in refill pan could be quite funny, he has NO idea! The other is Chanel Coco Shine in Bonheur. I tried this whilst buying something else and fell in love with it.  Such a beautiful rich looking colour but very sheer also, so can be jazzed up or down.

I will get pictures, I know I promise but it is now late and the natural light has gone :-(  but this is the only time I get to write and think, let alone trying to take piccies! 

Anyhoo the ban has started again and I shall buy NO MORE for 3 months! Wish me luck, I fear I may fail! 

Be Back Soon!!! 


18 January 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere First Impression = LOVE LOVE LOVE

Wow... So today I popped to my local counter and got a sample (as I thought £36 is a lot of pennies if you don not like the foundation!!), so off I trotted home and tried!

I was matched the same as I am in Vita Lumiere Aqua B30, lovely :)

I poured it out and it looked orange, so to say the least I was dreading trying this. I should not have feared! Its FABULOUS! 

It glides on and was not orange at all. It sits beautifully. I do wear a primer but I have tried without and it is still long wearing :) it has a beautiful matte finish also which I never found with many other foundations. This definitely replaces the Aqua but saying that as summer comes I will get that again I'm sure!

I have had comments about it also and how natural. I think it is a love... I have been thinking about buying the loose powder from Chanel to compliment it, especially when out for an evening but can I justify £31 (although I have £32 worth of boots points!!!) What to do!!!!! 

09 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year!!

I am really slacking! So I had a lovely Christmas and New Year, all goes so quick though :( 

So like many I have put myself on a Beauty Ban (unless necessary!) like I do need a new foundation but that is it! Recently I have bought things that are not needed and I am using but I have the same thing in theory just different brand! 

My recent purchases have been

  • Louise Young Eyeshadow Palette, this is amazing! They are so easy to blend, well pigmented and look stunning. A big plus is that they are all matte, which is fab for day looks (imo!)
  • Nars Laguna Bronzer, nothing needs really to be explain but I love the colour this gives and so natural :)
  • Lauren Luke Brushes x3 but they only cost £16.99 for all 3 and I quite like em! I will do a review and comparisons could be made to MAC
  • Shuemura Eyelash Curlers, never been one for curlers but saw these on BUYAPOWA and thought lets try... They do the job, am I overwhelmed - not really, maybe I am lucky already with my lashes??

Think thats about it... Will do some reviews when I find the time. Shesh work can be a bind!!! 

10 December 2011

Helloooooo!! Is there anyone there!

Wow so how bad have I been! 

I just do not have the time and I have bought, used, bought more and want more that I would not know where to start! 
I think off the top of my head I have recently bough
*MAC Patina Eyeshadow - LOVE!
*Real Techniques Core Collection - BRILLIANT, Esp the Buffing Brush!
*Illamasqua Masquara in Raven - FABULOUS!! 
*Louise Young Eyeliner Brush LY24 - Excellent!
*Jemma Kidd Light As Air in Light/Medium - I am undecided!
*Chanel Rouge Allure in Famous (From Christmas Collection) - LOVE!
*Chanel Nail Colour in Peridot and Rouge Carat (From Christmas Collection)- LOVE 
*Lancome Pro Base - Very new but seems to be working! 
*L'Oreal Mythic Oil - This is so light and my hair feels lush...
*Wrap Bracelet from Fleur De Force - This is so pretty! 

Now I am pretty sure there is LOADS more but can I remember!!

I am pleased with all my purhases (well nearly) as I said not decided about JK Foundation, it really does not sit on my skin very well, especially around my nose. I have just bought a new primer (Lancome Pro) so I am going to try these together and see, but I am currently just scrapping by using up my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and JK as I cannot wait to try Chanel Perfection Lumiere. My friend works on Chanel counter and said it is amazing. Roll on January 13th when it launches in the UK.

We had a Masquerade Ball recently and here is an FOTN...
I will try harder!