18 January 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere First Impression = LOVE LOVE LOVE

Wow... So today I popped to my local counter and got a sample (as I thought £36 is a lot of pennies if you don not like the foundation!!), so off I trotted home and tried!

I was matched the same as I am in Vita Lumiere Aqua B30, lovely :)

I poured it out and it looked orange, so to say the least I was dreading trying this. I should not have feared! Its FABULOUS! 

It glides on and was not orange at all. It sits beautifully. I do wear a primer but I have tried without and it is still long wearing :) it has a beautiful matte finish also which I never found with many other foundations. This definitely replaces the Aqua but saying that as summer comes I will get that again I'm sure!

I have had comments about it also and how natural. I think it is a love... I have been thinking about buying the loose powder from Chanel to compliment it, especially when out for an evening but can I justify £31 (although I have £32 worth of boots points!!!) What to do!!!!! 


  1. I got a sample too but havent tried yet...
    I wanna get the loose powder, definitely!

  2. I'm trying to finish my Pro Lumiere before I even try perfection lumiere. The powder is great!

  3. I've been using this since January and love it:)