02 October 2011

Excited & Recommendations Please!

This evening I have ordered my first MAC eyeshadow (I do have Paintpots but not the shadows!) So I thought as I had a free delivery code and have wanted to buy for AGES but always ended up buying something else.

I have also ordered a quad palette as there are a few shadows that I want but we all have to start somewhere! 

A few months back I compiled a list of shadows that I wanted to have a proper look at when I got to HoF , Bluewater. Without even looking at the names I picked a shade and loved it - it was on my list! So this is the one I ordered today and it is 'Woodwinked'. The others that I wanted to see and I may add to collection as I go are the following: 
  • Cork
  • Mulch
  • Mystery
  • Smut
  • Mylar
  • Patina
  • Sumptuous Olive
I love Autumn/Winter as I wear more make up and have a different look every day. I don't like heavy make up in the summer. I hate the feel of foundation and so on. So woooo heres to experiment! 

I am also in need of a new foundation, I think my skin is having the change at the mo, so I have a feeling that it may become very dry when this lovely weather leaves and we have the cold! I use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua at the minute, I love it as it is light and does give nice coverage. So do I continue or do I try something new! If so which one. I have been looking at the MAC Matchmaster..... Ideas and suggestions pls! I like Light to Medium coverage and very natural., I like effortless especially for the day!! 

I will do a FOTD when Woodwinked arrives... Wooohooo!! 

Be back soon!! 



  1. Patina and Mulch look amazing with woodwinked.

  2. They are both on my list! I just have to add slowly to the palette! I would love a 15 one but just easing myself in slowly lol :)